Sunday 16 May 2004

Pictures of our Japan trip


I have put some of the photos from our trip to Japan up. Some of the photos have a (very) brief note to go with them in case you don't know what its a photo of. More to come (I'm making a page about Japanese food), and one day I'll get around to telling you more about the trip.

Note: There are 3 pages of photos. Click on the numbers top left to see the rest.


Anonymous said...

There are loads of more photos exist. Some of them are quite nice but Jason does not like them. Like the photos of Jason with Japanese Yukata, a kind of kimono. Where are all the photos with food??>

Anonymous said...


I really like your photos. They are great. I was wondering if I could use the one of the Shinkansen in our prospectus. Please let me know at the following address