Tuesday 17 May 2005

Cars, damn cars, and statistics


About six months ago, I installed some log analysis software on the server, to get some idea of how people find this site. After the initial thrill of looking at it every day wore off (about a week), I quickly forgot about it. At that time, Chizuko's blog about her pregnancy was by far the most popular part of the site, with all her friends visiting for their daily dose, and with the frequency I update my own blog, I didn't expect that to change. Except it has. Our top ten referers (sites that point people to this one) are all Google. Mostly the different country versions of Google images, a couple of them are country variants of the general web search.
The top page they refer people to is my image of a sinking boat in Croatia. Chizu's blog is second, then her picture of a Yugo which seems to be a popular joke in car related forums. I'll have to get my scanner out for some of the photos of 3 wheel 2-stroke trucks I took in Italy once. I'll show them joke cars!

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Anonymous said...

Jason, we are still waiting for your 3 wheel 2-stroke trucks...>