Thursday 11 August 2005

Sushi - 寿司

Temaki Sushi ingredients
Sushi is probably the most well known Japanese dish, though most people are more familiar with Nigiri (topped, often but not neccesarily with raw fish) and Maki (roll) forms. Home Cooked sushi though often takes the form of Temaki (hand-rolled - usually cone shaped) or Chirashi (mixed up in a big bowl) Sushi. Temaki sushi is sometimes on the menu of sushi restaurants outside Japan, but the rolls are premade, you don't roll them with your own hand, which is part of the fun of eating sushi at home. This spread shows the variety of fillings you can add to your cone of nori and sushi rice. Except the strawberries. We'd just been strawberry picking, those were for dessert.

Temaki Sushi Recipe

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