Friday 21 October 2005

Sashimi - 刺身

Often what the uninitiated think of when they imagine sushi, sashimi is raw fish, dipped in soy sauce and wasabi, and accompanied by ginger to clear the taste buds between bites. The fish has to be fresh, which is the main reason why it seldom tastes as good outside Japan.

Sashimi chef's will go to the fish market early in the morning to choose their fish for the day, in some towns, they may buy it straight off the boat as soon as it comes in. Being a good sashimi chef means expert knifework, as well as being at the fish market early and being able to spot the best fish.

Fresh Sashimi

This fish was prepared in my former host family's kitchen by my host brother, Ichiyo, who is now a chef in nearby Matsusaka, after working in Hawaii for a number of years. It was served on a bed of shredded daikon and shiso leaves, filled with slices of tuna in addition to its own meat.

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