Sunday 7 May 2006

15 minutes of fame

My brother Adrian has just had his 15 minutes of fame, after a $12.2M cock up by his bank which they couldn't seem to put right for three days. I'm still fighting my own bank over a £20 penalty they charged me a few months ago because I paid my credit card off before they sent the bill out so I wouldn't get stung with late charges while I was away. Thats the £20 penalty for late payment that OFT ruled as excessive last July and gave the banks three months to change, then finally followed up on last month after the EU competition commision came to the same conclusion.

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant! Oh, I'm sorry for your brother. But I sure will forward this article to a few friends, though! (not your blog, don't worry.)

I had a problem before with a UK bank, too. When I stayed at Mariott in Milan, they put through the wrong amount on my credit card. Then, within a minute, they cancelled the transaction. But I've got the charge of £10 difference in 1 min! The exchange rate difference in 1 min. Took a few calls to sort that one out.>