Monday 26 February 2007

Yuba ryori (Yuba cuisine) - 湯葉料理

shozankaku Matsuyama
Yuba with sashima

Japan is home to many restaurants specializing in one specific type of food. Shozankaku Matsuyama, on the top floor of the Isetan shopping centre above Kyoto Station, specialises in Yuba - a byproduct of the tofu manufacturing process sometimes called tofu skin. Every dish they serve contains yuba, and their menu is extensive. I opted for the Takenoko Zukushi (Bamboo shoot set menu) for ¥5000, while Chizu went for the plain Yuba Zukushi for ¥4500. Each set menu consisted of around 7 courses and a drink. We both started with yuba sashimi, slightly different variations but both with fresh cold yuba alongside the more conventional raw fish.

Yuba in soymilk
Yuba with bamboo shoot

Next up was another cold dish, of yuba in soymilk. After that the dishes diverged, and the bamboo shoot theme became apparent in my dishes, such as the steamed rice topped with peas served with pickled bamboo shoot, yuba and other pickles.

Yuba tempura
Yuba fried rice

The dishes continued coming out, with yuba tempura, yuba rice, yuba noodles and others not pictured here (the photos were out of focus, or we were too busy enjoying the food and forgot to capture them), including yuba desserts.

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