Thursday 10 February 2005


Click for video These last six weeks have been busy for both Chizuko and me, as we get used to having Arata around to look after. With what little time I have left over, I've been piecing together some of the snippets of video we have of Arata into something that at least close family will find interesting, if noone else. If you click on the image to the left, you'll download a draft of what I've managed so far. Its a bit low quality (especially noticable when there's carpet in shot), but I wanted to keep it small for those of you still on dial-up. Even so, it weighs in at 6.1Mb, so will probably take 20-30 minutes to download over a modem, or around 3 minutes on broadband (which should be fast enough to watch as you download). If you haven't already found it, take a look at Chiko's site for a more detailed history of Arata's life, and some photos.

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